At Firtree Pottery I make Ceramics that can be functional and decorative, inspired by nature.

Hi, I'm Ceri the owner of Firtree Pottery and the name comes from the large Firtree in our garden and it is the view I have from my window where I work on my pieces.

I have been dreaming of being able to buy a Pottery kiln for a long time and in October 2020 I was lucky enough to be able to buy one. I left my job to have more time for our children and myself and I was then able to take over a space in our conservatory and spread out with all of the things that I love, my tools, things I have collected over the years and my ideas book.

 Inspiration for me comes from nature, plants and the sea with ideas coming from our coastal holidays, the beautiful cottages perched in and around the cliffs. I am always collecting pebbles, wood, glass and shells to bring back home. Also when out on our family walks with our dog, I bring back leaves that I can use in my work that can give amazing patterns in clay.

I hope you enjoy looking at my work, I really enjoy making my pieces.

Thank you Ceri.
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